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The little battery powered Hunslet is based on an LGB Otto chassis, a GRS kit for the loco body and a scratch-built tender.

It has an RCS Basic 2 radio control (http://www.rcs-rc.com/) and a Mylocosound sound card (http://www.mylocosound.com/). Both suppliers are in Oz and both superb to deal with.

It is a powerful little loco and is not out-classed by some of its bigger and more fiery stable-mates. One thing is for sure - if the General Manager needs a loco to pull a decent train for several hours with very little attention, this is the one which comes out of the shed.

A short video with a decent passenger train and showing off the the sound card:

 The black parts are the GRS kit and the white bits are scratch.

Here is the Hunslet pulling 38 axles up the 1 in 40 Evensford Bank - no trouble.